About Mike

Mike Dowsett – Here to help you tell your story


Hi, my name’s Mike Dowsett and I’m here to help you tell your story. I’m a published author with a depth and breadth of experience across a range of different sectors. I have a University Degree in Applied Physics, so can be a hard-core science guy, but I’ve also written two novels, so am a Creative as well.

I’ve worked internationally, been with my wife for 30 years and am a father to three young men, so have developed plenty of life experience in the 50+ years I’ve been on the planet.

I think of myself as a Technical Interpreter, able to extract the key issues from extremely complex subject matter and explain it in clear, simple terms in a way that is easy for the layperson to understand.

I love stories and delight in the telling of business history, where the intersection of my writing skills and business experience make for a powerful combination that can help bring the story of a business to life.

Author Malcolm Gladwell penned the often-quoted rule that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in a field. I’ve done that five times over in my 30-year career in business and engineering, where technical and business writing has been an ever-present activity.

If you have a story you want to tell and are looking for the right person to help you tell it, please click below to learn more or get in touch.