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Addiction is a cruel master and a vicious servant. 
A cold-blooded killer is roaming the dark underbelly of Washington DC, stalking addicts of various dependencies to feed an addiction of his own… murder.
The line between good and evil is not as simple as black or white; it is blurred by compulsion, redemption, justice, recovery and relapse. Control is an illusion. 
The Addict Killer is a brutal serial murderer whose victims are all tied with a common thread. A violent killing spree begins with a heroin addict, drawing a man into a hunt through a series of elaborately staged and grisly murders. At each turn, he discovers another victim killed in a manner fundamentally linked to the nature of their addiction.

"From the haunting introduction to one of the key characters, the story rolls along taking the reader on a number of personal journeys that intersect in the stunning conclusion. Throughout, the main protagonists with every twist and turn develop and challenge our feelings of them. With heart wrenching moments, shock revelations, and of course the calculated chilling murders, this story will leave you both fulfilled and also wanting more. A great read, it was hard to stop along the journey from first page to the last"

- Tony S.