Hi everyone!
I’m setting myself a challenge in 2020, and I would like you to come on the journey with me and help to make it happen.
RAW stands for Random Acts of Writing and I’m challenging myself to create one piece of writing every week in 2020. Where the ‘Random’ comes in is that I’d like you to choose the topics for me! It can be anything you like; from a speech to a poem, to research on something you’d like to know more about or a short story with a plot of your choosing.
Maybe you’d like to read about a day in the life of a mosquito (trust me, it sucks), or a little boy following his dreams of becoming a billycart champion, or a story about your cat. Or maybe something business or travel or investment related, or even a song or one of those catchy quotes people post on Facebook. Or perhaps the answer to a curious question like ‘is it better to be stood on by a woman’s stiletto or an elephant’s foot’ or ‘why are there rainbows’?
I’m sure you get the picture – anything goes! And if nobody suggests any topics, I’ll just select my own random ones to write about each week and only amuse myself 🙂
All pieces will go up on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Mike-Dowsett-Author-100846084746524/.
If you’d like to suggest a topic, simply put it in a comment on one of the FB posts, or if you’d prefer to retain the element of surprise for others, feel free to PM me.
Thanks in advance and I hope you’ll share the writing journey with me in 2020!
Cheers to the new year