Writing Services

How it Works

You tell me what you need and then we work together to come up with a solution that delivers it in a flexible way that suits us both.

We agree on a price or rates in advance so there are no surprises.

I’ve got 35 years of experience working to deadlines, so once we agree on a delivery date, you can rest assured that’s when you’ll get it.

Business History

I’m fascinated to discover what makes successful businesses tick and love to identify what makes one business stand out from another. This passion for business and my love of story makes for an ideal combination when it comes to creating a business history or telling the story of a company’s founding and ongoing growth and development. Injecting personal story is a key element of business history, because the challenges and successes of the people behind the scenes can add the vital dimension that allows the story to truly resonate with the reader.

I’ve published a business book called Engineer Your Business – The 6 Proven Steps to EVOLVE (or Perish); you can check it out here. Plus I’ve got 25 years of experience running businesses, including 15 years as a Board Director, so have an in-depth understanding of business and what it takes to succeed.

If you’ve got an idea for a business history that you’d love to create, you can tell me your story and I’ll write it for you!


Technical Writer

I’ve got a degree in Applied Physics, 30 years of engineering experience and a solid background in science, engineering and technology. I love innovation and seeing future trends develop. I have a detailed, analytical mind and a thorough approach to research and fact-finding that makes me a firm believer in the importance of always going to the source for the right information.

Combining all this experience with an ability to write clearly and succinctly means I can provide Technical Writing services across a range of industry sectors to explain science or tech to laypeople such as customers or potential investors.


Business Writer

I’ve written volumes of business-related content and reports over my 25 years running businesses and 15 years as a Board Director, including Board Reports, Business Plans, Strategy Documents, Financial Reports and more.

Let’s face it, Board Reports can be tough work sometimes. I’ve prepared many a set of Board Minutes and loads of Board Reports including company financials, shareholder information, risk identification, performance outcomes, progress tracking against key performance indicators, strategy, planning and more. Let me ease the burden of those reports in a safe, secure, clear and concise manner in absolute confidentiality.

My time in business has included the creation, review and deconstruction of many business plans, throughout which I have learned that simplicity is key. Engagement, adoption and alignment can only come if your team truly understands and embraces your plan for your business. We can work together on your business plan to create a strategy and a document that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

I’ve spent lots of time on financial statements and reports of companies, investments and personal finances. I have an excellent head for numbers, I know the difference between a profit & loss statement and a balance sheet, and I can interpret financial performance figures to extract the key points and prepare easy-to-understand financial reports. If you’re getting lost in a fog of numbers and struggling to clearly communicate the important figures, I can help you extract them and state them in a clear, concise format.

I’m confident I can deliver whatever business writing needs you might have.


Ghost Writer / Writing Collaborator

Lennon & McCartney, Hewlett & Packard and Ben & Jerry are just a few examples of some famous partnerships, where the power of two created something truly special. Whether you’re looking for a Ghost Writer or a Writing Collaborator, we can work together to bring your story to life.

If you have a story that you’d like to tell the world (or even just your friends and family), together we can infuse your story with the emotion and heart that you feel but perhaps find it difficult to express.

I reckon I’m a bit of a Word Chameleon, by which I mean I’m able to write in a variety of styles, which will allow your voice to shine through, be it technical, corporate, creative, humorous, quirky or emotional.


Blog Posts and Web Articles

I’m a founding contributor to Smallville, the website for Small Business Owners Who Think Big. You can check out my articles and have a look at my author page on Smallville here.

I honestly believe I can write on just about anything if you give me context and share your personal experience with me.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your blog posts or want to freshen them up with a new perspective, let me channel your voice onto the page. If you can see the value of having a website but are struggling to come up with the copy that’s needed to give it the all-important look and feel that clearly communicates your key messages, let me help you through that process. I can work with you and your web developer to write the copy for your website, so you don’t have to!


Proof Reading and Tweaking

I have a keen eye for detail and can spot a spelling mistake at 50 paces, so can proofread a piece that you’ve written if it needs a thorough review. We can workshop a piece of your writing together, tweaking it so it achieves the polished final result you’re seeking.


Speech Writing for Events

It’s often stated that public speaking is the number one fear of all people, even more than death! It’s my firm belief that one of the main reasons for this is that people just don’t know what to say. Imagine the confidence you would feel if you knew you had a killer speech in your pocket that would wow your audience! Writing speeches is one of my favourite things and I’ve done quite a few that I’ve delivered in front of friends and family to positive reviews.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking political speeches here, as there’s many more qualified spin-doctors out there than me. I’m talking about personal speeches for parties, and business speeches for company events.

We can talk about your event and develop some ideas on the key things you want to cover, plus some good stories to include and then I can produce a draft speech for you that we can finalise together.



For many years my creative streak was hidden under a cloak of data, numbers and logic, but I recently discovered a creative streak and now write novels too.

If you’ve got a fictional story that you’d love to see in print, we can develop the outline, key plot points and characters together, then collaborate on the story as I write it and then you review and communicate the direction of the book.

If you’d like help in any of these areas, let’s get in touch and see how I can help you out.